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  1. Just ignore them, there is no other way. You can not win with cyclists
  2. Thais why you need a dash-cam! £60 will take away all this risk
  3. I was shocked today when not one but a bunch of drivers they were telling me about the new rules from April 2019 when we will have to pay congestion charge if is not euro6 or hybrid. THey firmly believe ,will get away by paying the annual congestion charge of £500. Guys is not £500, is £5000/year http://content.tfl.gov.uk/schedule-2-appendix-03-payments.pdf
  4. This is the beginning of dark times, people don't have too much money, everything is up 10%, wages the same...Brexit
  5. I received another invite from them, what about you guys? What is going on? any updates?
  6. You cant play the victim card, especially when you this name! someone will get fired 100%
  7. dont accept it and eventually after 2 months you will stop receiving them
  8. Does anyone using 100% electric cars in London and if so what is the range? 200 miles? 300? how much to fully charge the car , time and money? I went to Tesla and they charge £15 for a full recharge at one at their stations, and the range is around 200 miles. With a good diesel you spend around £30 for fuel so the costs will be half with Tesla but to buy it is really expensive!!! Its a bit tricky, Uber is saying they will give us up to £5000 for a full electric car but the cost is huge !!! I salute the idea but we are the ones paying for....
  9. have you tried drover? indeed like lued said, make sense to go for rent as is just 5 weeks contract, not years as it is for car finance They keep posting different campaigns This is our best offer yet... Fully electric BYD E6 (2014) for ONLY £164/week including fully comp. insurance when you book for 12 weeks. You can also go for weekly rolling for only £175 incl. insurance. First week is trial week - only £100. This is a great option if you want to save on both rent and fuel - these cars don't need any Check out the cars on http://bit.ly/joindr0ver and use code SEBA506 to sign up for £50 off your first booking. Call 020 3808 7636 if you have any questions.
  10. dukeofuber

    Uber Book!

    UBer is taking 1000 drivers every week, ratings are just a form of control, should be quality control but is more than that....sadly
  11. Uber has to be somehow more worker-friendly , but i think is too late for that, especially for top drivers who can understand better the market
  12. The Uber thing worked because it was cheaper and, initially, it was more pleasant than the typical taxi. So that’s why it worked. But people don’t have loyalty to Uber, not even the drivers . “Instead of just focusing on being a good taxi company for the digital age… it’s blowing all sots of money [on] self driving-cars and China and now India. The company just so much reflects the megalomania of Travis Kalanick and whatever he thinks he’s doing.” One of the biggest issues that has left Uber’s business model hanging in the balance is its resistance to classifying its drivers—there are reportedly 600,000 in the U.S.—as employees, not contractors. If Uber is a house of cards, this is a key part of the foundation that, once removed, would demolish the structure. "It’s Bad At The Company Too It’s not just Uber drivers who feel downtrodden. A widely-circulated essay published last week by a former engineer described a series of incidents that painted the company’s headquarters as a space that fostered repeated, systemic sexual harassment." At the rate it’s going, Uber could crash and burn through its stockpile of cash by the end of the decade. Maybe Kalanick knows something we all don’t. Maybe Uber has a secret team of genius scientists who’ll surpass all expectations of driverless cars and, somehow, have a fully-automated fleet of vehicles for the company to use everywhere within a few years. Maybe billionaire investors are actually fine with propping up a money-losing venture into perpetuity. But until Uber can prove it has found a sustainable model—or, perhaps, stop the investor leaks of its financials—there’s little to suggest it has the bandwidth to survive. Whether it’s sold, drastically shrinks its market footprint, or just outright shutters, it’s untenable for Uber to exist long term as the tech juggernaut it is today. http://jalopnik.com/uber-is-doomed-1792634203
  13. These days you get E class for £1,20/mile, people using them for X. The balance is gone