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  1. we need to stick together on this, TFL is asking if they should charge us for CC, imagine 26,000 black drivers responding yes to this survey!
  2. OMFG, you're so right. I will become a consultant for the machines :)))
  3. it doesnt work, uber will deactivate you in no time, they can tell if youre doing something dodgy like fake gps. Dont be stupid
  4. I know people driving 15 hours everyday, that a hazard. I also know guys who drive just for 6 hours a day. But how many times you see a Prius in front of you which doesn't know what to do or is driving like 15 miles/hour, very ff... annoying I salute this decision and hope will be everywhere in UK
  5. I went there to hear about the £5000 grant when guess what ,there is no grant atm just "special offers" for drivers to rent electric cars from Weflex or pcorentals. They say Uber is working to increase the number of fast charging points for drivers to make them switch for electric cars, or is it for the future driverless fleet?
  6. Is close, I am so curious what will be the outcome on the first hearing, uber is under fire everywhere, big bets here big big
  7. I agree, when I have good percentage rate, it feels like jobs coming from everywhere but then again I dont work full time, so it might be just luck in 1 day
  8. I know but its the small variant like Smart, 2 seater
  9. josh

    Uber tips

    Hahahha like Seinfield tv show right? woahahah i remember
  10. I agree O2 is the best , then EE or Vodafone
  11. Tesla 3 will be the best in my opinion, we need to wait for it unilt 2018. with 5k from uber and another 5k from the government we should be able to get for around 20k which is not bad for a full electric brand new car. The range is around 200 miles !
  12. josh

    Uber tips

    I did not get any tip until now!!! does the system works or not? is it possible for customers not to give tips after so many years of being used not to be able to do it
  13. I like the idea of chat between customers and driver, many times phones numbers dont work specially for outsiders. Long trip notifications- its a good idea but if they know the job is long who is going to get it, a drivers with a nice car or a drivers with a old car??? No more £7 jobs for exec in weybridge area