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  1. Uber average earnings in London daytime
  2. This website has nothing to do with Uber, is just a online community of drivers working for Uber. Use this link to sign up with them in Birmingham https://www.uber.com/a/join-new/gb, select Wolverhampton licence authority from the list and take it from there
  3. You are the first to request it, forums are created by requests. If you want I can make you moderator for Cardiff forum
  4. Contact Taxis & Private Hire 0343 222 4444 Did you called them??
  5. IF is too drunk dont take them...always better to avoid?
  6. Would you like to be moderator for Liverpool group?
  7. I made 3 more forums for our colleagues from North of UK

    1. fullpower


      Well done, good idea ^_^

  8. https://help.uber.com/en-GB/
  9. https://help.uber.com/en-GB/
  10. https://help.uber.com/en-GB/
  11. https://help.uber.com/en-GB/
  12. And that means we will have 70% less drivers in the future? I am curious how many people will fail or pass Mock exam example : http://www.telc.net/fileadmin/user_upload/telc_english_b1-b2.pdf
  13. I can make a Liverpool forum here and make you moderator if you want and think is desirable , let me know