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  1. Bullshit, everything is better in terms of income but the problem is only with uber and if one customer makes a fake complain, you're out and no more income. You have no powers to prove that you are inocent
  2. Hahahaha, Christmas photo
  3. Increase waiting time with 50% from 5 min to 8 min but the fees with just 15% from £7 to £8, as usual uber logic is awesome
  4. Yes, but the roads from London are pre-cars designed, same roads when people used horses. Way too big the changes for drivers-less technology on LOndon, outside yes, it can be done!
  5. They say Uber wants to be hybrid or electric by 2019, what happened with the green fund project?
  6. I agree, but still I approve this decision, maybe we will get rid of all those guys driving with 10mph because they are too tired
  7. 10. WE SUPPORT THAT AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES (AVS) IN DENSE URBAN AREAS SHOULD BE OPERATED ONLY IN SHARED FLEETS. Due to the transformational potential of autonomous vehicle technology, it is critical that all AVs are part of shared fleets, well-regulated, and zero emission. Shared fleets can provide more affordable access to all, maximize public safety and emissions benefits, ensure that maintenance and software upgrades are managed by professionals, and actualize the promise of reductions in vehicles, parking, and congestion, in line with broader policy trends to reduce the use of personal c
  8. Well said, good milestone ! I agree
  9. A fully automated fleet could save the company around £900m a year, with a potential profit of more than £1bn! Super chargers implementation is the first step towards full auto AI cars!
  10. Uber knows but is hard to prove and there are so many doing it which will might generate another scandal for them!
  11. I think is just a cover for automated fleet implementation, A fully automated fleet could save the company around £900m a year, with a potential profit of more than £1bn! They need smart roads, fast charging points, so there are some critical points to be achieved before arrival of AI, this is the first!
  12. Ehe, next 3 years will be very interesting, I am telling you, start working for a back-up plan or a very strong strategy
  13. Uber ordered 24,000 Volvo XC90 to form a fleet of driverless vehicles between 2019-2021. You have 3 years to get rid of your finance or find a different job, machines will take over , trust me. IS not just Uber, all the big players doing the same thing. 24,000 drivers will be replaced until 2021 by machines fact https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/20/uber-orders-24000-volvo-xc90s-for-driverless-fleet/
  14. Be very careful, so many new agents from TFL making our days miserable, DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT taking the risk of PRIVATE JOBS, if you cant prove the job was prebooked. UR licence is gone!