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  1. people need charger to use the phone at that moment, u cant use the phone if is a wireless charger, right?
  2. I agree, is going to be a headache
  3. Yes, if we don't use our powers and say no to their proposal by completing the survey
  4. 1- depending what kind of of car you're driving - there are plenty to choose from- JMB insurance for example 2-Private hire commercial insurance and for good as well 3-Yes can be transferred 4- same 5-yes 6-manually after you upload those documents through their app or website 7- JMB or direct line chauffeuring
  5. Many people are concerned that machines will replace them in the future. Self-­‐driven cars, for example, may replace us, the cab drivers. In general it is not that simple. Computers and machines are not good at the same things. Computers can scan and filter large amount of data, but contrary to people, computers have difficulty with holistic judgments. When you combine the strengths of machines with the strengths of people you will end up with something great. Machines and people are not rivals and they don’t compete nor replace each other like globalization ...yet
  6. The judge has granted that the case will go to a judicial review hearing, which will be heard in the High Court on 25th April. http://www.lphca.co.uk/operator_fees_high_court_challenge-update.html Well done guys!!!
  7. I know everyone is complaining. UBex is around £10/hour now but will get back at the end of the month Stay more with your family maybe?
  8. Welcome to the plantation You should be able to make around £13/hour after Uber commission . so for 3 hours every evening, should make around £40 minim Now if you divide £ 215/7days = £30 per day the cost for the car only , then it comes the fuel, another £5 minim.. Makes sense? Your profit will be £5 per day if you work 3hours per day every day Good luck!
  9. UberX is doomed indeed, the only one which might survive is the LUX class, the rich will always want a human pet!
  10. I agree, but some people have a different plan auuu auuu
  11. This move totally disrupts their former core concept of not owning assets !!!!!
  12. Maybe is because your rating? what car do you have? because the jobs allocation is done through different stages: 1- rating and car age 2- waiting time without job 3- money per hour 4- how many hours online previous week