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  1. is going to be full electric in couple of years, watch!
  2. People will wake up too late mate, atm they are focused on x1,5 the surge, making extra £5 per job....sheeps
  3. they will steal it!!! They stole my charger in the back many times
  4. How annoying is this? Free road but you have a cyclist who decided to have the road for him while there a dedicated cycle lane on the side??? What should we do? I told him and he showed me the finger, fkin pricks...I propose these guys to get a PCN because they dont obey the rules
  5. I barely made £140 in 10 hours, last years i was selecting surge only above 1.5
  6. Ive been testing different strategies to make my life easier, If I drive towards the city the traffic will increase my stress level but many more jobs. When I stay for example in Esher, there is no traffic and drive more miles to make the same amount of money. What do you prefer? I would love just to work in one area, will be amazing!
  7. I always use TOYO tyres, quality and price is unmatchable, Japan quality wins
  8. How often do you guys receive the fare adjustment message ? Every time i receive it i send back the reason and they always adjust back the fare because some customers made a mistake or they dont know shit about road closure. YOu should always tell them before starting the trip, look mate which way do you prefer? this or that so you can eliminate these problems...
  9. This is it guys, its a reality. Lets see how much will affect us from now on http://www.timeout.com/london/blog/night-tube-heres-everything-you-need-to-know-080416
  10. I am struggling to make £150 these days, i am just curious about x, i hear stories with people making £65 all nite
  11. https://wheely.com/ You can try with them...dont know anything about it tough
  12. I have a son and I’m putting some money back for him. Just in case he would need it or when he gets old enough to move out on his own. Where should I put this money? I want it to collect some interest or something. I just don’t want it sitting here collecting dust.
  13. I received a few bad ratings that were totally not my fault. Now I want to bounce back from this. How can I do it?