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  1. New update, the amount will be £3,000 maximum
  2. Well done but as predicted by some, plans were made way behind. TFL will not say no to it, they lose 80,000 x £12/day x 365 days THAT'S £1,000,000 per day for them!!!!!
  3. IF I have a low acceptance rate i can see a pattern and the rating is going down as well, maybe I am wrong Any similarities?
  4. If you need some older version of the app, just UN-install the current one and download any older version https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/uber-technologies-inc/uber-driver/uber-driver-3-176-10006-release/uber-driver-3-176-10006-android-apk-download/
  5. TRUE!!!! hahahahaha hello charger, bye bye charger specially with UberX
  6. Be careful because some of them just looking for trouble, a reason to complain at TFL, dont risk having your license suspended. Best is to take a picture and post it on twitter, tag TFL. BEat them with their own weapons
  7. If you have a diesel and want to change your car for Hybrid, wait don't do it yet.....Uber will give you £5,000 for that soon
  8. I had a customer which was very rude to me and I asked him nicely to get off my car because of his attitude which I am not willing to accept. Guess what? He said to Uber in my car was smelling like marijuana, I was driving careless, speeding.....so on. Uber got me de-activated and had to wait to wait for them to listen to my side of the story while me not being able to make money to provide for my family!!! Uber Client always first and then the driver.... Be careful with strange customers, they can always make a serious allegation against you and by the time Uber will realise its all lies, you will lose days of work-we have no protection in this situations!
  9. TRUE , these guys gave me exactly 10% off because I have a dashcam https://www.jmbinsurance.co.uk/ Fully recommended You can pay just first instalment of around £200 and then pay just monthly for the next 9 months and no headache while you are covered fully com and is available everywhere in Europe not just UK like many others
  10. UBER is here to stay! first hearing today

  11. If you are in your 40 years you might still have a chance and you dont need to change the job IF your in your 50 years, you can relax and not worried- by the time technology will threat your job, you will wait for pension If you are below 40- dude start thinking by now what you're going to do when you will be 50 years old as your job will be taken by the machines!
  12. 10 more years before this job will start to be disrupted and 20 years until full automation and no jobs in this industry.
  13. Bravo, yes this is the real deal. well done, why wait when you can pick
  14. They think is something worth doing it, not having confidence to do it properly. Disable the gps to trick the system, for what? U might get a £15 job