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  1. THey will smash your car if dare to confront them, does it worth the risk? they will just bug off and your car is damaged
  2. What about the medical form? this is not normal, if all the forms are ok you should have it in 1 week and also they need to provide a reason for taking too long. Did you applied online? or sent the paper forms?
  3. and maybe by then we will have a network of fast chargers in London
  4. Ratings are better honestly, in the last period
  5. I agree, 10 years experience and never ever had a Halloween quiet like this...the beginning of the end
  6. Is just the beginning, they will turn against anybody to throw the blame at it
  7. I dont know if people are suffering because of the low £ or save more these days but one thing is for sure, not the same since Uber and TFL clash 70% of the customers asking what is going on with the Uber licence , i think is related, people are confused and maybe they went back to other providers
  8. It only works with android and it has to be rooted and using different steps! Makes no sense to risk , and for what? for pool airport job?
  9. How stupid can you be to accept pool jobs? I mean driving 10 miles for £11.00 , what is this? Why do you do this? Some thinking , oh it was towards my home, fair enough but why accept pool when you can accept X, still doesn't make sense??? Press NO THANKS button
  10. Zaven

    Uber Book!

    how cool, even more people trying to make money on our backs you can find all those info here mate for free
  11. is working fine now , is not in their best interest not to get the money from the client, right? they take commission from that too
  12. I am thinking to join AL because i want to do an experiment. I am doing around 60 hours with uber, if I do the same with AL my rent for the car will go down close to nothing and plus Addlee is paying for the maintenance of the car, less hasssle for me . I will do it to see the differences, if is anyone here working or worked for them let me know pls