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  1. Greedy drivers are likely to work for more than one company besides Uber anyway, so this limit wouldn't affect them. Besides, this 10 hour limit is only for when you've got a passenger on board, and it's very unlikely you'll exceed that limit within a 24 hour period.
  2. Some use Exec, because it can be cheaper than X on surge (up to a point) - which is handy for me!
  3. Marriott Hotel is on the Bath Road, and isn't within the perimeter road so you would get a job there by not being in the Heathrow queue. You were probably the closest available driver, not in AVA. Only jobs you get from being in the Heathrow queue are all the terminals (obviously), Sofitel T5, Hilton T4, Hilton Garden Inn, Hatton Cross Station, and most of the car rental companies, i.e. anything within the airport perimeter road.
  4. May also depend on acceptance rate.
  5. You won't make much money at airports anyway, better to work in town, and you're at risk at getting a local job after hours waiting.
  6. Prefer no rights with flexbility to work when and where you want. With rights, you're probably expected to work fixed, set shifts, and accept every job, including pool otherwise you'll be in breach of contract/agreement. You'll also be expected to wait in certain areas and you may not be paid to drive to the first pick up of your shift, and going home after last drop off (similar to working in any other job, i.e. office, Tesco, etc., they don't usually pay your commuting time).
  7. i've personally taken Ubers from Ealing Broadway station to take me home, after using the Central Line tube, which runs all night during the weekends.
  8. You can do but don't forget the rates are lower out there, it's not too far to head towards Kingston or Wimbledon, etc. and start work from there.
  9. Definitely, however, mine is a 16 plate, and it's not worth it for me to do X jobs as well, I just stick to Exec only. Though as I said, I use my second phone, switch the car to X and Exec, so the X map shows up (still offline), and I can see where X is surging, and those areas are more likely to get Exec work.
  10. All the PH companies, I mentioned advertise anyway in the trade mags - Professional Driver, Private Hire and Courier, Private Hire News, etc, so it's all public! However, I don't work for any of them, but I'm considering joining Add Lee as an owner-driver after the summer. OTS, you have to have an operator's licence to work with them, and if you've got one, you wouldn't do much work for them anyway, but just as a way of filling in your dead time.
  11. That's right, every operator (including me), has to do this every Monday. For drivers working for me, I have to submit their PH licence no, and full name. For the vehicles, it's just the reg no., and the vehicle make. I do not have to disclose any income details to TfL.
  12. If you got a second phone with the Uber driver app installed, and you can do X work as well, keep it open and look for surge areas on X. Exec tends to get busy when it surges on X, as the surge price may exceed the cost of an Exec.
  13. I'd careful how far out you go, lower rates outside London.