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  1. Always, but always make sure the CCTV is on inside your car, is a very good deterrent in 99% of the cases. make sure is TFL compliance
  2. Not sure people realize for the moment, when they do will be too late because the survey is finished
  3. I found a very good wireless charger you can put in the arm rest, does it make sense? no more cables
  4. Since my rating improved from 4.85 to 4.9 I can tell you for sure, no complains about how much money I make, never stay more than 10 min for a ping. I can make £150 in 7 hours easy, very easy. Try it for yourself, improve your rating, you have nothing to lose!
  5. Why you people do such a thing?
  6. TFL at every drop off point all airports!!! Checking if the job is booked!!!

  7. Courtroom battle can be on for years Uber has money to do it , so no problems!
  8. Of course , for some is the dream job and for others is just extra money , there are some who really believe in it and dedicate
  9. IS it just me or i can see clearly a decrease in requests since all this uber licence all over the media, but most drop i felt it when the news with recording screen! Do you feel the same? I also asked customers and some of them they felt very uncomfortable because of their privacy!
  10. Too late, the mindset of the the customer is trained NOT to, training made by them fokin joke honestly but maybe I am wrong
  11. quick droop and pick should be fine, quick means no more than 10 sec
  12. I am giving bad rating for: -being late -being loud -being disrespectful -mess inside the car - clearly the same inside their houses -loud music - kids? -door smashing I am giving 5 stars to those who don't do the above
  13. Y ou might laugh, but is true, we are data traffic generators and data these days is a big asset ...