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  1. Transport for London (TfL) has launched a public consultation on proposals to remove the congestion charge for private hire vehicles. Act now, sign the consultation and say No to proposal https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/policy/private-hire-charge-exemption/?cid=ccyourviews
  2. fullpower

    Uber vehicles requirements

  3. fullpower

    Uber surge price and bad ratings

    Not so much, check Addison Lee or greentomato app when surge is on for uber, those guys have no cars available
  4. fullpower

    FAKE GPS uber airports

    It will be over eventually
  5. fullpower

    Driverless cars on UK roads by 2021

    Can we buy automated cars and enrolling on the platform???? Sure thing not!!
  6. fullpower

    2019 ULEZ private hire vehicles requirements

    Lets make it simple No Euro 6 or hybrid then you'r ducked
  7. fullpower

    Uber pco most reliable car brand

    It looks like the Japanese cars the best!! Audi better than BMW and Mercedes??? Ford is shit Vauxhall shit French brands?
  8. fullpower

    Uber rating vs job alocation

    No difference for me mate
  9. fullpower

    FAKE GPS uber airports

    Because they live close to airport, like 20 min distance, or set up the gps fake system on his way to airport and by the time he gets there is first in the queue They will be deactivated eventually.
  10. Is not just Halloween, everything is down not just Uber. Less tourists, less clients, less money
  11. MENU Uber vs London cab vs Sat Nav: which is best? Can an expert cabbie’s intimate knowledge of London’s streets outwit a less-qualified Uber driver or a state-of-the-art sat-nav system? We put them to the test https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/uber-vs-london-cab-vs-sat-nav-which-best
  12. fullpower

    Bmw f10 520d n47 timing chain problem

    Dan is the biggest crook, ive done thr job and he used low quality chain and now after 40k miles the noise is back. He used starline instead of genuine timing chain kit. Shame shame because i paid £ 2600. Dont go to Dan
  13. fullpower

    uber pool commision

    Uber london drivers commission structure UberX 25% UberXL 25% UberExec 25% Uber Lux 28% Uber pool 35%???