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  1. they need at least 1000 drivers until Christmas, they are 100% things will not be ok for Uber, strange or just pr?
  2. if is transparent why not? but i am sure 90% will dont pay, is like when people where going to sign up with uber and receiving £300 bonus but still complaining because they had to pay the parking £3
  3. But the new CEO is coming to have a chat with them right? I am guessing, everything will be agreed at that time. so no worries here
  4. You have to, what if you get a second request while in a job?? you have 10 sec to check if the police is around you
  5. I was driving with 35mph and police with gun where taking my speed, I wonder if 35mph is still ok or not? because according to new rules, anything between 31 and 40 on a 30mph zone is £240 and 3 points
  6. Golden age of BlackCabs, they use to make maybe £10k or more per month, what about these days? Half of that? still better than Uber by a lot I dont know any uber driver to make more than £5k per month, except ARP guys
  7. Since i started this business , 7 years ago, never had such a bad valentine day, i barely made £180 - 10 hours shift.....
  8. HI guys, how is Uber these days?? I am struggling to make £120 after Uber cut, can you share it with us?? Maybe i am just unlucky!!
  9. I’ve been thinking about increasing the number of hours that I work every day. How many do you work? I’m concerned that if I drive too much then I’ll be tired. Which we all know can be worse than being drunk while driving.
  10. I’ve been thinking about renting my cars instead of buying them. Where can I rent a good care in Birmingham? I don’t want no piece of junk.
  11. I know you’re out there. Just saying a quick hi. I’m glad to have found this place. There’s nothing I love more than driving for Uber. It’s like a dream come true!
  12. What are the best ways to get paid by Uber? I want to receive my money as fast as possible. The faster the better. I’ve got mouths to feed!
  13. Why did you have to vomit in my car? I just cleaned it out! I’ll never understand some of these people. The worst part is the vomit smelled like tuna fish!