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  1. Mate, is becoming clear. even the middle class is using UberX for day to day ride, only evenings or important moments they use EXEC or LUX. Buy the cheapest hybrid you can find, around £4,000 and go for X, much more efficient
  2. Last night was busy, made good money, surge 80% of the time but as usual rating dropped like flies. I dont get it, why do they acccept such high fares when they can use a different company like Addison lee or even black cabs and then give us 1 star. I mean no one is forcing them to accept 2.0X price but yet they do it
  3. Makes sense, pure sense, black cab electric I wonder if they will profit from the same super chargers?
  4. They lost the the appeal for worker rights, the situation is becoming really serious. What if?
  5. I dropped someone at T2 and then I was on my way towards London on Bath road, guess what, job coming from Marriot going to Oxford!! I was like, what? how come? Anyone?
  6. They pay £500 for new drivers and people still think it will be banned just 2 facts: 1-London – June 11, 2015 – TfL Pension Fund ('The Fund') has appointed BlackRock to manage liability-driven investing (LDI) and passive equity portfolios totaling £3.8bn assets. 2-By rum coincidence, Blackrock invested a reported £124 million in Uber in 2014, giving it a stake which is now worth nearly £500 million Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4347676/David-Cameron-s-chum-ocracy-links-Uber-bosses.html#ixzz4qCCGSecT
  7. most of the customer don't select a reason so they cant track it!
  8. Uber says that it has seen an average of more than 60 percent increase in Uber pickups from Night Tube stations. Across the board, Uber says that journeys starting within 200 meters of Night Tube stations have grown by 22 percent while the Night Tube is running. Is it true? I never had any pick up from underground station during the night!
  9. I am curious how many drivers lost the licence because of this test?? cant wait for the number to be made public
  10. So they aer paying £500 referral for new drivers before september audition, what does it mean? they know for sure the licence will not be a problem Another 10% increase for time needed to make same amount of money with this wave of new drivers, every autumn same pattern, sick of it
  11. Best dashcam for me is E-prance, value for money. Definitely worth the money! https://dashcam-reviews.co.uk/e-prance-d101-1296p-review/ £60 on amazon
  12. NOt really if you do your job properly , right?
  13. Mpow Grip Pro 2 Dashboard Phone Holder is my favourite
  14. Hybrid and electric is the future anyway, it makes no sense in the future for this business to get a diesel car
  15. Moving from X to Exec in such a short time made this category not so professional, is not enough to have a cool car if you dont know where is Marble Arch, although Exec is best option for money efficiency from customers point of view, is not that expensive