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  1. I think will take at least 6 months before any conclusion is reached
  2. If you have BTec 90 credits level 3 and A level english course do you think is enough? where can i compare?
  3. They are delaying as much as possible because of the reason mentioned , my friend applied in Nov 2016 and he still did not get it
  4. OTS i never heard about them? any good ?
  5. I agree, if you wait you're doomed 100%
  6. IS very hard to impossible to get a pco operator licence these days
  7. Transport for London’s compliance officers are employed to inspect private hire drivers, vehicles, and private hire operators in London to ensure they comply with relevant legislation and regulations. Car Documentation Please have the following in the car at all times: Insurance Certificate Insurance Vehicle Schedule (depending on insurers, the insurance certificate and vehicle schedule might be located on the same page) Insurance Permission Letter (subject to PCO car rental company agreement) Driver Documentation: Please have the following in the car at all times: Driving Licence PCO badge – To be worn around your neck at all times and not to be placed anywhere else (e.g on the vehicle) Daily Car Checks: Tyre Tread – The law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre Lights – Check all your lights are working. You could park your car near a wall to check rear lights e.g. brake lights Cleanliness – Make sure your car is clean at all times Bodywork Damage – Please ensure there is no damage to your car and that it’s in a working order e.g rear window wiper is working, rear bumper damage
  8. There are more drivers LUED, i can see and feel it !!! I know personally some guys, now on exec platform. Where do you get your info? i know Uber is not accepting but in the same time i am telling you 100% are more drivers than 6 months ago!!
  9. Guys i dont understand what is wrong with you? I see every evening all the drivers around city going offline to force the surge and when will appear , bum 100 cars online suddenly. You might get a job on surge and make extra £20 or you may have to wait for the surge to go off because people will not request any-more. Does it really worth it to waste time hoping you will get that surge job when you can make a regular job and get the money instead of waiting? Do you know what will be the effect on the long term? For uber this means one thing, demand is too high and no drivers to accept ---> Uber will get more drivers to fulfil the demand.... So next time when you go offline think about it , does it worth on the short time extra £20 and in 2 months time to have twice the number of drivers on the roads which effectively will generate even more competition for you? Same thing the uber x drivers done and now guess what??? everybody complains there are too many drivers and is harder and harder THINK!!!
  10. I am really curious how much can you save if you drive with 20mph ??? I mean is not better to do more jobs than do drive slow and by doing this you make other drivers annoyed???
  11. Looks like Uber found a way to beat the rule of 5 minutes waiting time, now we have the option to accept another close to the drop off location we have in the current job, this way is longer than 5 minutes rule and you dont stop is unbelievable Starting tomorrow, you can accept your next trip request even when you're already on a trip. https://view.et.uber.com/?j=fe8916797062067470&m=fe92127371650c7e71&ls=fe5c1178756007797113&l=ff66177574&s=fe5816767262067c7c12&jb=ff991575&ju=fe8c1c77756c037f76&r=0
  12. just quick question, does it worth coming to work during parade??
  13. I don’t know if this is true or not. I had someone tell me you can get better gas mileage if you put too much air in your tires. Has anyone heard of this before? I don’t think it’s true. But, I thought I’d check. I’m always looking to save a money when I can.