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  1. Many customers still confused, some of them thing Uber is banned and because of it, they went back to local company, many just as curiosity to test the difference
  2. Uber will introduce some extra fee for customers when driver will have to drive for example more than 2 miles to pick up location, what if this strategy will kill the surge which i dont see it in the last period anyway
  3. As long your licence and the operator is from the same location you will be fine, you can take bookings anywhere in UK if is going through the same operator from London.
  4. City of London are now enforcing fines of £130 for vehicles on Cornhill even if you did not break the restriction, be aware and appeal if so
  5. Some they will post one lucky week and say is not true, but the truth is out there
  6. Each month for the next 6 months Uber will generate new improvements ??? https://pages.et.uber.com/180-days/ Tipping? Waiting time reduced? .....but commission still 25% which is way too big for these days when different companies are charging 15%, I wondering if they can lower the commission as well along with all these beautiful things???
  7. Tipping is available in Seattle, Minneapolis and Houston as of today. Can you imagine? Maybe in July will come to London as well although the mindset of the average customer was set-up for NO TIP! Lets wait and see, still is a good thing
  8. We know, we can see them, is going to be harder and harder
  9. so uber got the licence just before the new prices, how convenient
  10. SOmey say you will make £10/hour and others £14. What is the minimum wage in Manchester?
  11. Everyone has left the city to celebrate Easter, I dont think will worth it these days, better to enjoy your time Happy Easter guys !
  12. I was able to handle drunk riders myself, but I am wondering if you know a better approach to handle these undesired customers? Some of them can get really aggressive or they will get sick inside your car , others will just sleep and not waking up after What is your approach guys?
  13. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan recently announced a £10 toxicity charge for the oldest and most-polluting cars in the city, which will become effective in October 2017. If your car is older than a 55 plate, you’ll have to pay the T-charge. As no PCO car can be more than 10 years old, the T-charge does not affect any current PCO car. If your diesel car registration is one of the following, you’re ok! 65 16 66 17 Are you driving a diesel PCO car older than a 65 plate? Then maybe it’s time to change it if you have long term plans ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone): London’s air quality has reduced significantly in recent years and the ULEZ is a way to further reduce the most harmful emissions generated by road transport in central London and across the Capital. From 2020, all PHVs travelling in the ULEZ zone must meet certain emissions standards to drive in the zone or will have to pay £12.50 per day charge: To avoid paying a charge from 2020: Diesel cars must be Euro 6. 65/15/66/17 plate PCO cars will not be affected. Make sure you finish your finance until 2020 if you dont want to do this job any-more