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  1. I agree, 2 more years and will be plenty
  2. This is a stupid question! in 2018 when driverless technology is at last level of evolution, you cant ask this!!
  3. At the end of the day, government institution or not, they are a business, and as a business their main priority is profit. What this could mean (and the likely outcome I am afraid) is the return of Uber, a business modelled on undervaluing its services to remove competition, illegally using its technology to avoid financial penalty[4], and failing to report criminal activity, remaining on the streets of London, but now with the added benefit of the government itself helping to remove its competition. TFL are purposefully trying to remove large swaths of private hire cars from the city, or the more likely reason, using their position of power to extort vast sums of money from the industry. https://magenta-technology.com/blog/2017/11/08/what-does-tfl-revoking-ubers-licence-mean-for-the-capitals-private-hire-industry-and-what-is-actually-going-on
  4. Oh well, of course : 10% commission Imagine £1000, with uber you will get £750 while with Juno £900, in a month time is £600 difference - your car and insurance of course is booming
  5. Just browse the forum mate, you will find different perceptions about uber. If youre looking just for extra cash, is a good idea. Dont rush and get an expensive car to be stuck with the finance, i will advise lease. You should be able to get £10/hour minim after uber commission , but bare in mind you still need to pay for the car . insurance. fuel ..... from those £10 What are your expectations ?
  6. And take in consideration the fact they might cut rates as well
  7. Oh well, uber has cut the prices in the last 3 years . When? in January Be ready indeed ...
  8. A premium service will always have a person involved, quality not quantity. I cant image chauffeuring business to disappear anytime soon, its something classical. UBER X and XL will be in danger but not EXEC or LUX
  9. I noticed if you reject jobs or dont accept them then you will be the last in the que, everytime i was the last one remaining in the area and finally i got a job, i thought is nice to share!!
  10. How is it for you guys in the last period, i know is August-holday month but still....and Travis needs 42,000 drivers by 2016???? Anyone similar situation??
  11. I remember use to make easy £200 Sunday day time, now i struggle to make £120 and i read they want to double the drivers by next year. Has anyone consider a different option than working for Uber??? Any ideas? Is it just me?
  12. major

    Best cars for UBER?

    Never buy BMW 520d, N47 engine timing chain problem!!! I heard loads of guys complaining about it and once i saw it with my own eyes, minim £2000 bill to repair it. THey are not what they use to be, old good reliable BMW is dead!!
  13. Uber is investing billions in driverless cars, After all, robots don’t strike for higher wages, nor do they assault passengers. We are the reason for having billions to spend, ironical ) we are helping them to get rid of us!! Looks like we have another 5 years, enough to pay for our cars ) more info: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102650362
  14. Pfff, guys guys, is just me or the number requests is going down??? How is it for you lately?
  15. I’ve been thinking about working around the time the pubs close. Can a person make some good money around this time? I’m sure the customers are probably a handful.