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  1. what a joke tip button== too late mileage increase== £0.75 to £1.00 but use to be £1.7 hahaha rating protection== dont see it illness insurance== be careful to read terms and conditions, very dodgy
  2. what about the in car navi? any good? do you use it?
  3. Is already talks for group suit , sexual offence i think, the pattern is set, no turning back
  4. Is definitely the car, I mean i have guys just starting with Uber but new car and making money more than those from 2013 for example although the last one is more experienced
  5. MY inside camera has a timer with 5 minutes loop recording and I always look at that and when 5 minutes passed, after 5 sec i press the no show button
  6. Once I found 3 phones in 1 week, returned all of them. One customer gave me £40 tip , another £10 in coins and the third just many thanks , these days you have to contact Uber and drop it by the office or police station which makes things harder for you and time consuming
  7. Uber onboarding office address: In-person support: 11AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday (Closed on public holidays) Address: Uber Greenlight Hub, Western Gateway E16 1AA (Entrance behind the Novotel Hotel) Nearest station: Custom House (DLR)
  8. Have you tried yet? if so , how is it?
  9. Surge is good at peak times, like 1am when people needs to go home and they dont really care too much about the cost especially if is raining . Other than that, yes, i agree, is not good for us as people will rather wait than request on surge
  10. hdriver

    Renting or buying??

    TESLA 3 will be the best option for Uber although i heard they dont allow to use it for Uber, tesla is the best as you dont pay anything for the fuel just £1.5 for full charge at the supercharger stations which are everywhere
  11. Does anyone know the uber office telephone number? I have loads of people asking me about it, i know for sure they have one because of TFL rules...
  12. Halloween is coming guys, work like a donkey :) 

  13. Is growing , yes, in drivers number. Everybody is complaining, long que for exe and lux as well. September is coming and people are starting to come back to work and we will feel some improvement but it will be just temporarily because they will start very soon to take new exec and lux drivers so the balance will fall again... remember Travis he said that in 2016 more than 40k drivers will work for Uber
  14. Castrol Edge is very good as well!!, i think is more important to change it max 10k miles