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  1. i am in the same situation mate, already looking for a different company to work for, will keep you updated.
  2. My income is dropping every week , do you work for some other companies? Any suggestion? I will appreciate! Thx
  3. I was playing with my phone settings when i found this: The only app which is using microphone and camera is Uber Partner!!!! TURN IT OFF !!! THIS IS NOT COOL , THEY CAN RECORD WHILE YOU KEEP YOUR PHONE ON THE DESK AT HOME, I WONDER IF IS THE SAME WITH UBER CLIENT APP???
  4. and you can take your own bookings? for example, can you stay in front of some club and take clients??
  5. jax

    allowed cars in UBER

    Old New Base: £4.00 £4.00 Mile: £2.30 £2.40 Min: £0.25 £0.30 -20% -25% ------------------------------------------------- Tot: £5.240 £5.025 Minimum £10 We gone lose easy £50 /week, that is £200 month, just like you're paying for another car...woahahaha Nice one Uber, i already applied for Splyt, see how it is.... :blink:
  6. Why not for Exec ?? Sounds pretty good for me
  7. how much is the operator license Lued??
  8. This is strange, because this is a real ofence, they were arabic people???
  9. Hi guys, i just found this site http://www.lingscars.com/car-leasing.php#models I spoke with them on the phone and for Eclass 220 brand new, £480 / month with 35,000 mileage/ year, you can tell them how many miles u drive roughly! Way better, i used to rent a Bmw with £200/ week. So happy and i need to share it!!!! Good luck
  10. THis is a new one, woahahahahha A Londoner today told how he was hit with a £3,000 cab bill for 142 journeys - after his Uber account was allegedly hacked. Record producer Mick Crossley, 35, claims he discovered the breach yesterday after logging in on his phone for the first time in a couple of weeks. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/londoner-hit-with-3000-taxi-bill-after-hackers-rack-up-142-uber-journeys-10144655.html