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  1. darkstar


    In london yes, i am not sure about Birmingham . I am guessing you are from Birmingham as you posted in this area... In London they dont accept any more drivers on Uber Exec platform but S class or A8 is more than enough for EXEC , these cars are good for UBER LUX
  2. darkstar

    How is uber pool for you guys?

    22 miles job, £32 do the math!!!
  3. darkstar

    Uber cares about the car or the driver???

    It make sense
  4. darkstar

    Work load day time??

    If youre lucky enough to catch an airport job, is ok , otherwise the morning traffic will kill your day
  5. darkstar

    Insurance delay aproval

    Hey guys i need to share this: Be careful if you upload the insurance too soon this is what you get: As you uploaded this insurance document more than 24 hours before the effective date ,17 September 2015, I'm afraid our documents team will reject it. With insurance documents, we require you to only upload your new policy with 24 hours or less to the new effective date. Say no more, you have to re-upload and wait another 24 hours!! Horrible
  6. we dont know mate, there are problems every where, it was a similar situation in France and Germany and now are back in business
  7. I had a drop off at T3 and in 3 sec i got a job request from T3, so the que system is a joke, i felt sorry for the guys waiting at McDonalds but what can i do???
  8. darkstar

    where do you go for toilet???

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/why-uber-drivers-loo-breaks-are-going-out-the-window--literally-10311620.html OMG guys, is it true??? r u doing something like this????
  9. darkstar

    Who here wants to hang out?

    which university you are going to???
  10. darkstar

    Should regular maintenance be done by professionals?

    I just change the polen and air filter, very easy job to do. i am going to garage just for pads and oil
  11. darkstar

    Do you think the rating system is overrated?

    All the info you need!!! DOOOOH!!! :huh:
  12. darkstar

    Anyone here work late at night?

    10pm to 2 am like George said in his guide, very good period to catch jobs!
  13. darkstar

    How many of you are from London?

    IS this forum just for UK drivers , uberpeople looks like is from US. Which one is better?
  14. darkstar

    Keep your hands off the radio!

    I guess they where drunk or at least tipsy ??? Nothing is perfect mate, get used to it
  15. darkstar

    Uber cut rates!

    Uber Now Taking Its Biggest UberEXEC Commission Ever -- 25 Percent its official!!!