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  1. I will be doing more than 3 hours a day, more like 6-11 Mon - Thurs, throughout the night on Friday and majority of the day on Saturday and Sunday. I will lose sleep but money is the motive. Is it also better to set up a separate bank account solely for UBER payments? Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, I just wanted your opinion and advice, I have joined UBER now and just require a vehicle. I currently work at a college doing a 9-5 job and earning good money and have the school holidays off and wanted to top my income by doing UBER X over the evenings and weekends. I will be renting a Prius from WeFlex for around £215 per week, do you think this is worth my time? I am currently renting a van and doing small removal jobs but unlike UBER jobs are not always guaranteed... Thanks!
  3. Go to www.joindrover.com, they do fully comp insurance for 22+ so looking at £200-250 for a car and insurance.
  4. Good Afternoon All, I am after a career change and want to undertake my PCO license to start working for UBER. I just wanted advice and tips from anyone that can help me. I am aged 22, (23 soon) and have held my license for 5 years next month. I can get a car and fully comprehensive insurance for around £200 per month courtesy of www.joindrover.com Thanks!