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Found 1 result

  1. Basics of getting started: Where to sign-up What’s required Vehicle requirements Background checks – what they look for What kind of smart phone device is required What kind of insurance is required Where can I drive? Where can I pick-up? Airports, special events Basic strategy – when and where should I drive to maximize earnings Lets make this starter guide!!!! How the uber system works video!!! Where to sign-up http://ubr.to/1KvItdO What’s required -TO have a valid driving license-no more than 6 points -Minimum knowledge of the city from where you are applying for -Private hire license ( PCO license ) for being able to work as an Uber driver If you dont have a private hire license you can apply for it: cost will be around £470( for more info: use the contact form ) Driving license has to be 3 years old in order to get the PCO license Vehicle requirements Preferred - Car no older than 5 years licensed for carrying passengers Check: http://www.driveuberuki.com/ldn_vehicles/ or http://www.driveuberuki.com/requirements/ Background checks – what they look for https://www.uber.com/safety What kind of smart phone device is required? Any smartphone capable of running the Uber partner app with at least 4Gb of data per month available just for the app Anything between Iphone 5 and 6 or Anything between Samsung , HTC, LG , Sony- minimum 2013 top models( like Galaxy S4, Z3, M8. G3), i will advise you trying to get at least 2014 model to have good performance THese days is very easy to upgrade your contract and to get the latest model!! Or you can always use Uber phone and pay weekly subscription!! What kind of insurance is required? Commercial insurance, for goods and passengers. When you go for a quote you will say you need insurance for private hire Where can I drive? Where can I pick-up? Its entirely up to you as long as you comply with local council rules Airports, special events There is a rank system for every airport, when you are first on the position you will get the first job You can check airport arrivals time so you can make an idea about the flux of people landing and from where!!!! You can check special events locations and time table by accessing different website like: www.timeout.com Basic strategy – when and where should I drive to maximize earnings? Work when is busy, which from 5am to 10 am or 10 pm-2am, if you can start from 5 am to 2pm , is more than enough Where to stay depends entirely on your knowledge about the city. Good Luck!!