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Operator licence for sale?

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When I applied for mine, it only took a two or three months. 


However, that was seven years ago, and the regulations have tightened up since then, one of them is that you know have to obtain planning permission from your local council (or obtain, an exemption), proof of which has to be sent to TfL as part of your application. 

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  • At least one 'operating centre' in London. This is the premises where you will take bookings. Your operating centre could be an office, a unit in the high street or your home address. For addresses outside Greater London, you must obtain a licence from the local council.
  • Proof of planning permission or a certificate of lawful use for your proposed premises from your local authority. Where planning permission isn't required, you must provide written confirmation (email or letter) from the local authority. The document must be clearly linked to the address of the proposed premises. Any breach of planning legislation could lead your council to take enforcement action against you.


From what i understand there are 3 gold rules:


-solely occupied

-front door access and post code

-separated, restricted access from the location to other parts of the building


If is in a B1 class order building that building has to be for years under that code and the second class order has to be sui generis.


Can you confirm LUED?


Thank you



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Mine is residential, as well as being a "small" operator's licence, which is likely easier to get. 

I'm not sure on the rules surrounding the different uses of the premises, and how long it had to be for. 

Because of the nature of the work I do, I was exempt from planning permission, but as mentioned, I got written confirmation of this, which was sent to TfL, when I renewed. 

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Hi guys, thought of asking this question here, does anyone know anyone or someone who is selling their operator licence? I am interested in purchasing one from someone, not interested in the premises and stuff, just need the licence. I have already tried Gumtree and all the websites I can think of but can't find anything.

Any information I will appreciate it, please.

Thank you.

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The "premises" as you put is essential, because that's the address where you will receive and take the bookings.

The person selling you the licence is not going to let you take the bookings at their premises, so it must be changed, and you will have to go through the necessary planning permission (or proof of exemption).


As an example, I could sell my operating licence, when my client retires (or I decide to work for him directly), but the premises on it, is my house, as that's where the bookings are made and records are kept.


If I were to sell my licence, then bookings the new licence owner will recieve, will no longer be at my house, and therefore the premesis must be changed. 

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Hi Lued thank you for your reply.

I understand the premises must be changed which I guess I will have to do it once the licence is under my name right? I will most probably put my residential address down, which I know I have to get the permission from my council first. 

Sorry, I am guessing the operator licence can be changed from one name to another, and same with the registered address under the licence. or is this wrong? 

Thank you very much for your helpful information Lued.

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You can change the person/s in charge of the operating licence, and you can also change or add an operating centre to the licence as well, but this will cost £300, and it's £50 to remove an operating centre. 


To be honest, the cost of a small operating licence is [only] £1488, for 5 years, which is the equivalent of less than £6/week.


I would just go and apply for it yourself, you'll get the five years out of it, otherwise, you will have to look for someone willing to sell (and trust you), which you've already done with not much luck, and it is probably expected from the licence owner, that you'll pay the cost of adding and removing the operating centre/s. 


I understand that the number of operating centre applications is decreasing, week after week, as licence owners are not renewing, but I'd imagine most of them just let them lapse, or simply write to TfL explaning that they no longer wish to be a licensed operator, rather than looking to sell (which is what I would do if I was in a position not to operate anymore), unless they're selling the business as a whole with the operating centre/s included. 



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On 1/13/2017 at 2:06 AM, george said:

I want to buy from someone who has it already, for a short term project. I cant offer more than £5000 for a licence with minimum 1 year left..and an office space

Hello friend,


Are you still looking to purchase a private hire operator license (PCO).

If so Please make contact.

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