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  1. me too. I love/hate how uber is trolling us. '' scarily good earnings '' was saying the email that they sent me. My a@@ good earnings
  2. Marios


    Hey Luad, thanx for the reply. I live and work southwest London. I drive the towns in southwest (Woking, Guilford,Slough,Windsor, etc) due to the lack of drivers. I started recently doing what you said. Stay parked more and wait. I also use the destination to home at the end of the shift.
  3. Hello to all uber drivers i ve been driving for uber the last 2 months. These two months i made more than 4000 miles per month. I would like know if this is too much and if so any tips on how to become more efficient.
  4. i just hired a car from Sky PCO Hire and in a few days i m hitting the road. Excellent service!
  5. Hi everybody. I would like to know if anyone hired a car from DROVER?
  6. cheers for the quick reply and and about the second part of my question which is not clear in my previous post to make it simpler. First i rent the car and then after uploading the documents i get verification or wait to get verification on my licences and then i rent the car?
  7. Hi there. Kudos for the site and all this helpful information all you guys provide. I m about to start driving uberx. i m planning to rent or lease a car. I uploaded my licences on the uber partner system and they are pending review but i havent uploaded the vehicle documents because i dont have them yet. I would like to know how long does it usually takes to get verification. Thanks in advace.