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  1. For those who still need to check how busy it is in some areas using the uber client app. ONLY for ANDROID You can download the old versions from : http://www.androiddrawer.com/28131/download-uber-app-apk/ And dont forget to disable automatic update from android. To turn updates on or off, follow these steps: Open Google Play. Tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top-left. Tap Settings. Tap Auto-update apps. To disable automatic app updates, select Do not auto-update apps. or more easy, after you install the new app go to android play, search for uber client app and then use the far right corner and press the hamburger icon ( three vertical dots ) and disable auto-update
  2. The best tool was the client app before was updated, you could clearly see where are more cars than other areas...
  3. IF you know someone who can help me, i tried to use Ebay but no luck.... I need the turbo for a 508 Peugeot 2l engine Thx
  4. I hear so many good stories about how much money that guy made , this guy made....but nobody is telling you how many hours those guys work: In one week you have 168 hours and from those 168 hours , some drivers worked close to 100 I mean 100 hours man, that is not a life. if you sleep 7 hours a day, that is 50 hours a week, 20 hours left to enjoy your life...to live Wake up guys!!!!
  5. I tried to work for a local cab company to see the differences : + I was making around £10-15 per hour but without the stress of rating - More dead mileage + Close to my home - same feeding system for favourites drivers + you can take a break and go home and eat , have a tea...as you work in the same area - you pay £700/month fees from what you make If you don't have any pressure i think is better to work for a local cab company than Uber as you are close to home and you can quickly do your family job
  6. No NO NO, as long i am there in the estimated time zone and the customer is not arriving in 5 minutes my job is done. NO SHOW and move on, no customer worth waiting more than 5 minutes....ah ok, if the customer is calling me and say i am sorry will be down in 5 minutes, then is a different situation! ( very rarely happening )
  7. Hmmm Check this out. http://www.thememo.com/2015/11/03/uber-union-drivers-threats-exclusive/
  8. Hi guys, When i start working for uber my surge price income was around 20% from the total payout and now is less than 10%, have you noticed that?? IS getting harder and harder or is just me???
  9. Vauxhall Insignia Is a very good buy, a 2013 model will cost you around £9000 and plus you still have warranty for it. Its cheap, economical, fun to drive. Compared to a prius is half the price, do the math , how much you have to drive to recover the running cost????
  10. I will try it for the next 4 weeks and check the difference, i can not work for uber anymore if i will lose money like this and on top of that WE HAVE TO PAY TAX as well. I will get back to my local cab company, making the same money and no stress, no water, no fake smiles, no tax just cash based, no more city traffic. I think many will do the same or maybe they already are doing it. Even if newbies are still coming, uber will not survive with them, in the city you need experienced drivers, other wise you end up with a bad image I want to see Uber competition!!!!!! we will see it v soon i think
  11. Picking up costumers from BAD neighborhood !!! Young dodgy customers from those areas, i will never pick them up, for ex the big house estate from Brixton, omg its a fukin jungle there!!!!
  12. No, never. It is against the law, if a motorcycle police or any police will see that, ur license is KAPUT. I will always advise, if you want we can stop so you can have a quick cigarette !! Easy