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New Mobile Phone Laws UK

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In the Uk right now the government are really cracking down on the use of mobile phone usage whilst driving.Now if you get caught using your phone whist driving you getg a 200 GBP fine and 6 penalty points.

We have a lot of deaths here in the uk due to drivers using their phone whilst driving and research shows that its more dangerous than drink driving.

The government are trying to make mobile phone use whilst driving socially unacceptable the same as drink driving is socially unacceptable.

Whilst hands free kits remain legal research shows they are a still a big distraction and make driving more dangerous.

Questions are currently being raised about all of the in car entertainment that is being installed in cars today such as internet access facebook etc as this is just another distraction.



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On 5/7/2017 at 1:24 PM, desert said:

You have to, what if you get a second request while in a job?? you have 10 sec to check if the police is around you:D

Just don't keep the phone in the middle of the windscreen doooh:D, if is near the wheel it will ve very hard for someone to see you if you just tap the screen in a ms, if you type on wazzup this is a different story 

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