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licence type, tax query for new driver

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I am interested in becoming a driver in Belfast when Uber launches here. Details on the website are few and far between so I’m hoping some forum members can help me. Also I sent two emails to Uber in July but did not get a reply. I have a few questions that I'd be grateful if you could answer, and please feel free to provide me with any other information relevant to someone trying to get set up for Uber.


What all do I need here? Private/public hires licence? Commercial insurance? Any other vehicle certification or tests involved? 



Do you manage your finances yourself? I already have a full time job and plan to drive 25-35 hours per week under Uber provided the demand is there. Does anyone else do this as well as a regular full time job, and if so how do you manage your tax etc, separate bank accounts? My regular pay comes with tax already deducted so I’m not used to doing this.

If you think I’m asking the wrong questions feel free to provide me with answers to the correct ones! Really trying to gather as much information as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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I would expect, you'd first have to apply to become a licensed private hire driver. You have to contact your local authority about this, information is probably on their website. It usually involves you having a criminal record check, a medical, and some sort of topography/knowledge test of your local area. 

You would also need to get a suitable car, licensed for private hire use. Again requirements depend on your local authority. There maybe criteria, on age of the car, maybe colour, mileage, engine size, interior dimensions, and usually an MOT is required twice a year, if the car is over a year old. The car may also need to be inspected further, by the local authority annually, or so. 

With banking and tax affairs, you will be self-employed, and therefore responsible to pay the tax yourself. An accountant is advised for this, especially as you also have a full-time job. An accountant can ensure you pay the right amount of tax, although you can work it for yourself, you'll probably save more than the accountant's fees. 

You may wish to keep a seperate bank account just for Uber payments if you wish to make things easier, but if you're organised, and keep all your bank statements in order, then it doesn't matter. 

Most drivers (in London, anyway), are already existing drivers, some of them work for Uber full-time and moved from their old companies, otherwise work for multiple operators/apps. 

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Folks thanks for the great replies.  You’ve given me a checklist of what I need to look into which is extremely helpful.

Uber advertised for the Belfast Manager job a few months ago, indicating that things were moving.  Since then, there has been no indication of when Uber will launch here.  Knowing Northern Ireland it will be a long drawn out process!

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