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  1. Cambridge Independent Five-year licence keeps Uber on Cambridge streets Cambridge Independent Uber is currently fighting to keep operating in London where the city's transport regulator said in September it was “not fit and proper” and stripped it of its licence. The company is appealing the decision and its cars can remain on the streets of ... View the full article
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  2. If you are in your 40 years you might still have a chance and you dont need to change the job IF your in your 50 years, you can relax and not worried- by the time technology will threat your job, you will wait for pension If you are below 40- dude start thinking by now what you're going to do when you will be 50 years old as your job will be taken by the machines!
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  3. Sky News Taxi driver killed in Birmingham horror crash 'called wife to say he was heading home' Sky News Imtiaz Mohammed was doing his last fare of the night when he and his passengers died in a horrific multi-car crash. 13:01, UK, Monday 18 December 2017. Imtiaz Mohammed (left) with his younger brother Noorshad. Image: Imtiaz Mohammed (left) with his ... and more » View the full article
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