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    Private Hire ULEZ requirements From 8 April 2019, all PHVs travelling in the ULEZ zone must meet certain emissions standards or pay a £12.50 charge per day: Petrol cars, vans and minibuses must be Euro 4 Diesel cars, vans and minibuses must be Euro 6 The emissions standard of your vehicle can usually be determined from the date of its first registration as new, which is shown on the vehicle's registration document known as the V5C. Read our page on complying with ULEZ for more information on checking the emissions of your vehicle. In addition to the ULEZ requirements, the licensing requirements for PHVs will change to encourage uptake of zero emission capable PHVs from 2020. These requirements will apply to PHVs across the whole of London, not just those travelling in the ULEZ. So, from 2019 we will pay £12 if you're not euro6! https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone/cleaner-greener-phvs
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    Uber surge price and bad ratings

    Last night was busy, made good money, surge 80% of the time but as usual rating dropped like flies. I dont get it, why do they acccept such high fares when they can use a different company like Addison lee or even black cabs and then give us 1 star. I mean no one is forcing them to accept 2.0X price but yet they do it
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